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ArmourShield Intruder Resistant Glass

ArmourShield is a glass clad poly-composite designed to resist penetration when attacked with common hand tools to provide extra security.

Key Features

ArmourShield is specially designed and constructed to remain resistant under attack. This attribute causes attack weapons to simply bounce off the ArmourShield window, making penetration all but impossible. Even when broken, the tough inner-core of the thick poly-composite will lock the exterior glass layers to enable greater attack resistance.

ArmourShield comes in a number of thicknesses geared to provide a variety of security levels, resulting in protection from physical attack from five to thirty minutes (as detailed under AS3555.1 level 2 when used in an approved framing system).


Scope of Use

ArmourShield is used in areas which require a high level of security including;

  • Medium and maximum security prisons
  • Police stations
  • Court houses
  • Detention centres
Limitations on Use

To perform to the required standards ArmourShield must be installed in a suitable framing which has been tested with the glass to meet the rquirements of AS3555.1

Other Performance Attributes

AS3555.1 level 2: Intruder-resistant panels.

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Additional Information

Glasshape are manufacturers of specialist glass solutions including curved glass, high security glass and cyclone resistant glass.

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