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GIB X-Block

GIB X-Block is a specialist plasterboard and jointing system to provide protection from X-ray radiation in medical facilities, dental clinics and veterinary practices. Unlike other lining systems traditionally used in such applications, GIB X Block achieves an effective radiation barrier without the use of lead.

Key Features
  • A specialist 13mm GIB X-Block containing Barytes and jointing system designed to provide protection from X-ray radiation.
  • Eliminates complex and costly installation procedures associated with lead based lining systems.
  • Performs other critical functions such as noise control and fire resistance ratings.
  • Extensively tested at New Zealand’s National Radiation laboratory in accordance with internationally accepted criteria.
  • Shown in laboratory and site tests to exceed the requirements for a primary barrier when installed as a three layer system.
Green Tag Certified
Green Tag Certified
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for use in radiography departments, medical facilities, dental clinics and veterinary practices.
  • Ideal for renovations or conversions of timber, steel and/or concrete construction where increased X-ray shielding is required.
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Clause B1 Structure: The design and material specification for steel and timber framing used in GIB X-Block systems must be in accordance with the performance requirements of NZBC B1.
  • Clause B2 Durability: When installed and maintained in normal conditions of dry internal use GIB X-Block systems have a serviceable life in excess of 50 years and satisfy the requirement of NZBC Clause B2.
  • Clause C3 Spread of Fire: GIB X-Block Plasterboard systems provide passive fire protection in accordance with the requirements of NZBC Clause C3. When GIB X-Block is substituted into fire rated systems in place of the equivalent thickness GIB Standard Plasterboard, the fire resistance rating of the system is maintained.
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: GIB X-Block Plasterboard and jointing compound meets the provisions of NZBC Clause F2. At no stage during handling, installation, or serviceable life do these products constitute a health hazard. 
  • Clause G6 Airbourne and Impact SoundGIB Noise Control Systems can be used to provide ratings for Sound Transmission Class (STC) in accordance with the requirements of NZBC Clause G6. When GIB X-Block Plasterboard is substituted into GIB Noise Control systems in place of the equivalent thickness GIB Noiseline, the STC rating of that system will be maintained.

All GIB unfinished plasterboard sheet materials achieve a Group 1-S interior fire rating to NZBC C/AS2-AS6, Table 4.1, following testing in accordance with ISO 5660.1 and ISO 5660.2.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
Interior Fire Rating 1S
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