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GIB Fire Rated Systems

The GIB Fire Rated Systems technical literature has been providing clear instructions on building protection from fire for many years. The current version has been a regular in builders and specifiers toolboxes since 2006.

Green Tag Certified
Green Tag Certified
NZ Made
NZ Made
Scope of Use

GIB Fire Rated Systems have been appraised for use as fire-rated load bearing and non-load bearing framed constructions elements in buildings.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • NZBC Clause B2 Durability: Under normal conditions of dry internal use GIB Fire Rated Systems have a serviceable life in excess of 50 years and satisfy the requirements of NZBC Clause B2.
  • NZBC Clauses C1 – C6 Protection from Fire: GIB Fire Rated Systems can be used to provide passive fire protection in accordance with the requirements of NZBC Clauses C1 - C6.
  • NZBC Clause C6 Structural Stability: In order to satisfy the requirements of this clause, designers must ensure that fire rated elements are supported by elements having at least the same Fire Resistance Rating (FRR). Collapse of elements having a lesser FRR shall not cause the consequential collapse of elements required to have a higher FRR.
  • NZBC Clause G6 Airborne and Impact Sound: For many specifications in the technical literature Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) performances are given. For higher performances, including those required by NZBC Clause G6, reference should be made to the current version of ‘GIB Noise Control Systems’. 

All GIB unfinished plasterboard sheet materials achieve a Group 1-S interior fire rating to NZBC C/AS2-AS6, Table 4.1, following testing in accordance with ISO 5660.1 and ISO 5660.2.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Interior Fire Rating 1S
GIB CAD Library
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Manual & Technical Documents: GIB Fire Rated Systems
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BRANZ Appraisal 289: GIB Fire Rated Systems

289 [2018]

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GIB Product and System Warranty

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