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R Series — High Speed Roll-Up Doors

High-speed roll-up doors with the door curtain is made of flexible PVC or fabric, and rolled up on itself.

Suitable as an interior door across a wide range of industries were fast, safe, reliable access is required.

Available in 10 different models.

Key Features
  • Safe
  • Opening speeds up to 2 metres per second
  • Available in widths up to 6,000 mm
  • Available in heights up to 6000 mm
  • Wind Load up to Class 3
  • A Variety of curtain materials:
    • Flexible PVC — transparent with warning stripes in different colours
    • Flexible fabric with or without windows
  • Designed for up to 150,000 load cycles per year (approx)
  • Activators can be Integrated with any access control systems
  • Easy clean model available
  • Stainless steel frames are available
  • Crash protection is available
  • Safety systems include TLG, approach area monitoring, radars
  • Emergency opening
Scope of Use
  • Typically an internal door or can be used externally coupled with a roller shutter
  • Designed for industries were high cycle, safety, and reliability are a requirement
  • Suitable for Wind Zones up to Class 3
  • Intended for use in a wide range of industries, typically, but not limited to:
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
    • Warehousing  
    • Food and beverage
    • Retail
Limitations on Use
  • Not designed for exterior secure use without a roller shutter — for exterior doors see the S Series or F Series doors
In-Service History
  • Manufactured by EFAFLEX since 1987 and sold worldwide since
  • EFAFLEX Doors have been installed and operating in New Zealand since 2004
Other Performance Attributes
Wind Load Maximum DIN EN 12424 up to Class 3 (depending on model)
Operating Forces / Safe Opening DIN EN 13241-1 Fulfilled
Direct Airborne Sound Insulation DIN EN 717-1 up to 12db (depending on model)

Warranty and Maintenance

All doors require regular service maintenance which must be carried out by an authorised service agent.

For specific warranty details please contact EFAFLEX.

BIM Object: SRT Roll-Up
Brochure: EFAFLEX World of Doors
Brochure: R Series

EFAFLEX were the first company in the world to deal exclusively with high-speed doors, they remain a global market leader in that sector through innovation, safety, and individuality.

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