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Woodspan PLT Provides Speed, Strength and Structural Efficiency

Woodspan PLT panels are glue laminated structural panels made from finger-jointed or whole timber boards that are then laminated into large panels. Unlike CLT fabrication, the grain runs parallel (in the same direction) to the primary span, resulting in a strong, structurally efficient panel.

PLT is used for the construction of floor and roof structures in a wide range of applications from residential to commercial. The Woodspan PLT system can achieve a fire rating of FRR 60/60/60 and has been independently tested to AS 1530.4:2014, making it suitable for intertenancy floors. The system has proved popular for medium density residential and social housing projects, along with architectural builds.

PLT offers a number of advantages including speed of installation. Woodspan’s production utilises advanced CNC technology, producing a very accurate prefabricated panel. With all cutting and rebating done off-site, construction is a lot faster and less wasteful than traditional builds, as well as keeping construction noise to a minimum.

Woodspan PLT panels offer greater spanning capability than traditional construction alternatives, adding even greater design flexibility. The increased span size allows efficiencies, such as in sub-floor design, where the wider spacing may allow for the use of fewer ground piles.

Along with structural advantages, Woodspan PLT has aesthetic benefits. Panels are available in a visual grade which can be incorporated into interior design as a wood flooring or ceiling feature, allowing architects to take advantage of the warmth and natural appearance afforded by wood.

The Woodspan team back their product with strong technical support with engineering and design advice at each step of the design process.

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