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Achieve Time Savings, Space Savings and Greater Spans with Woodspan Intertenancy Floors

The Woodspan team is committed to working with architects and builders to deliver smart parallel laminated timber solutions that meet project requirements while improving efficiency on site. Woodspan’s PLT midfloor systems for terraced housing and apartments offer excellent structural stability and can achieve a 60/60/60 passive fire rating backed by independent fire testing to test method AS 1530.4:2014, making them ideal for intertenancy floors.

Here are just some of the ways Woodspan can help you achieve better, faster multi-unit builds:

Greater design efficiency with spans up to 4340mm

Woodspan’s PLT intertenancy floors offer excellent spanning capability, with options available to achieve wide spans of up to 4,340mm. This gives architects greater efficiency and flexibility in design while providing the structural performance needed for multi-unit builds.

Space savings with options to reduce overall height

Featuring a slimmer panel depth compared to traditional flooring joist systems, Woodpan’s PLT intertenancy floors can be used to reduce overall height on site. There are options available to save up to 150mm in height per level — a key advantage for any projects where daylight envelope rules are a limitation.

Time savings on site to keep projects on track

Woodspan PLT intertenancy floors are prefabricated off-site using advanced CNC technology to ensure optimum accuracy while reducing waste. Early involvement in projects allows Woodspan to work into the construction programme, fabricating panels to be delivered on site just as they’re needed.

By packing and labelling panels in order of install, Woodspan helps ensure a smooth installation process — panels can simply be dropped into place in order and screwed down. The fast and easy install process can result in significant time savings — such as in a recent three-level apartment building in Auckland where a 288m² intertenancy floor was installed in just one day.

As a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company using 100% sustainably farmed NZ Radiata Pine, Woodspan are proud to support NZ architects with their projects. Get in touch with Woodspan today to learn how they can help you bring your multi-unit designs to life.

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