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An Ideal Waterproofing Solution for Tiled Showers, Laundries and Bathrooms

Waterproofing bathrooms, laundries and tiled showers is extremely important for maintaining the integrity of a home. As we know, water always finds a way to damage the foundation, so specifying and installing a product like the Warmup WPM750 waterproofing sheet membrane is a very good idea. It helps protect all wet areas with comprehensive, professional waterproofing that can be relied on.

What should you know about WPM750 waterproofing membrane?

The product is designed from the ground up to help protect wet areas like laundries, kitchens or bathrooms from water damage. Warmup installers have been using it for more than a decade and it continues to be Warmup’s go-to solution.

It’s very durable, since it’s made from polypropylene filaments and synthetic rubber, which helps boost waterproofing performance, while also lasting for a very long time.

On top of that, the Warmup WPM750 is made locally in New Zealand, and comes with a great product and installation guarantee.

One of the benefits of the Warmup WPM750 sheet membrane is that it has a standard thickness throughout, so there is consistency at all times.

The system can be used on a variety of different surfaces, ranging from wet wall linings to concrete and plywood, and even regular timber. It can be used on floors as well as walls, offers robust waterproofing and maintains flexibility even at low temperatures.

The Warmup WPM750 meets all relevant NZ Building Code requirements, and is backed by a 15 year warranty.

How does the Warmup WPM750 compare with liquid waterproofing?

One of the challenges that come from liquid waterproofing is the correct application — it is very hard to apply it evenly, whereas Warmup WPM750 offers consistency every time.

By installing the Warmup WPM750 system, subtrades can easily get working on tiling within an hour. Liquid waterproofing can take two to three days to install, with more than half of that being waiting time for the curating process.

Warmup WPM750 waterproofing sheet membrane can also stretch six times its length before it breaks, all without any cracking.

Warmup WPM750 doesn’t require any cuts, so it limits worries related to water ingress near corners and outlets. Additionally, all the corners and laps are heated using a hot air gun. This enhances the waterproofing capabilities. Plus, tapes or patches, which may be used for liquid waterproofing, are avoided altogether. 


For an efficient waterproofing solution for any wet area within a home, Warmup's professional installers are here to help. The Warmup WPM750 waterproofing sheet membrane has a very fast installation time, it delivers consistent quality and durability, and it requires little to no maintenance.

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