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Prefabricated Shower Bases and Niches to Enhance Apartment Design

Why settle for an average shower experience when you can have the best? When it comes to quality, innovation and reliability, Marmox is your trusted partner in construction. 

Create stunning wet rooms with Marmox ready-to-tile over shower bases which have been designed to make life easier. They are acoustically better than sand and cement and can be placed directly onto existing concrete or wooden floors.

Marmox shower bases are easy to install and are compatible with all waterproofing and tiles. They are a popular choice with builders as they are lightweight, completely waterproof and feature a built-in slope which makes them incredibly quick and easy to install.

Available in a range of sizes to suit all shower and drain layouts, these pre-formed floor level panels can be easily cut to fit the shower area for custom installations.

The Marmox Shower Niche is a sophisticated means to optimise space and enhance a bathroom’s functionality. It seamlessly integrates into the shower space, offering a sleek storage solution for shower essentials. With easy access and a clutter free appearance, the bathroom gains that instant touch of elegance.

Explore the Marmox range of products today and elevate your building projects to new heights.

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Prefabricated Shower Bases and Niches to Enhance Apartment Design
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