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Ready-to-Tile-Over Shower Bases That Can Be Customised

In the building industry, everyone knows that time is money, which is why Marmox New Zealand supplies prefabricated, ready-to-tile over shower bases that can be placed directly onto existing concrete or wooden floor. Marmox shower bases are acoustically better than sand and cement, are strengthened by a stainless-steel plate around the cut-outs, and are compatible with all waterproofing and tiles.

Marmox shower bases are a popular choice with builders because they are lightweight, completely waterproof, and feature a built-in slope which makes them incredibly quick and easy to install. With the fall built-in, there’s no need to create one out of sand and cement which can be time-consuming and messy.

While a few more tools and a little extra know-how are needed to install Marmox shower bases, they are significantly easier to install than traditional shower bases. They are placed directly onto a concrete or wooden floor or can be recessed.

Marmox shower bases are available in a range of sizes and can be customised to suit all shower and drain layouts. The Marmox shower base will help create a fully waterproof, hygienic tiled shower area with ease.

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