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New Innovative Ventilation Solutions for a Dry and Comfortable Living Environment

Vynco has an existing range of innovative heating and ventilation products and are now continuing to expand this with two new products which allow for new installation options and system combinations to achieve effective moisture and humidity removal.

The Vynco Through Roof Kit

Vynco’s Through Roof Kit (VRC150K) provides all the required components to achieve an effective exhaust for a ventilation system through the roof rather than through a wall or soffit. A through roof penetration could be chosen to reduce the penetrations in a building wall for either water proofing or aesthetic reasons or can allow for the exhaust to be positioned closer to the source of the moisture, reducing the length of ducting required and therefore reducing the back pressure created within the system, increasing performance and efficiency.

The Vynco Through Roof Kit includes:

  • Marine Grade Aluminum Cowl, to provide an effective ventilation exhaust while ensuring protection from rain and bird ingression. The modern form of the cowl combined with the robust black powder coated finish creates an aesthetic suited to modern architectural building while ensuring water runoff in all directions. 
  • A 500mm length of UV resistant HDPE pipe, designed to connect with standard 150mm ducting.
  • Rubber Sealing flange, matched to achieve a watertight seal with the HDPE pipe.
  • Fittings and hardware to support a fast and effective installation.

The Vynco Through Wall Fan

Vynco’s Through Wall Fan (VFT150) provides a modern and innovative solution to expelling moisture and humidity directly through a wall when other extraction or ventilation options may not be suitable due to space or access issues. Its short spigot length can be combined with standard 150mm ducting and an external wall cowl to allow for easy installation into even the slimmest standard wall cavity. Vynco's Through Wall Fan provides high air flow performance by combining a sealed brushless DC motor, with custom NZ engineered seven bladed fan impellers to ensure effective removal of moisture and humidity from even a large family bathroom. The motor is programmed with a soft startup process and optimised RPM to achieve a balance between air flow rate and sound level.

The modern grille covers are available in both square and round options, with a beautiful satin finish to suit the interior design of a modern bathroom or ensuite. These grilles are designed to cleverly obscure the sight of the open area, functional components and fan blades without reducing the flow rates to ensure the grilles remain looking great they can be easily and safely unclipped from the fan to be cleaned.

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