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Achieve a Sophisticated, Seamless Finish with Vynco’s Illusion Grille

A common issue with permanently installed internal ventilation grilles in bathrooms, laundries, and drying rooms is the cracking of plaster used to create the seamless finish around the grille. This cracking leaves an unappealing look on the ceiling and takes away from the otherwise stylish aesthetics. Vynco prides itself on finding innovative ways to solve common problems such as these and Vynco’s new Illusion grille does just that.

Vynco’s Illusion grille is an internal air movement grille with a specially designed frame that fits securely to ceiling framing, rather than over plasterboard, ensuring minimal movement of the grille. The grille has also been designed with a plaster fascia surround so as to ensure a secure and long-lasting plaster-on-plaster finish. The reduced movement, as well as the plaster-on-plaster finish, minimises the chance of any plaster cracking around the installed grille. This innovative design delivers a long-lasting seamless, flush finish that complements sophisticated homes and buildings.

The patented design of the Illusion Grille also saves time during installation as there is no need for the electrician to come back before final fit-off.

The Illusion grille framework cannot be seen after installation, leaving only a chic negative detail surrounding the visible square plaque that sits flush with the ceiling. This grants the space a clean, minimalist aesthetic with a touch of modern sophistication.

Vynco’s Illusion Grille fits to standard 150mm ducting and has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Vynco also supplies the fan units and ducting to use with these innovative grilles.

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