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New De Niro Directional LED Downlights from Vynco

Lighting design is an important factor in the planning and layout of a kitchen space. Ever tried to prepare a meal in a poorly lit kitchen? It can be a strain on the eyes to work in rooms with insufficient lighting, or with poorly placed light fittings. Kitchen benches are the most commonly used work spaces within the average home, so why wouldn’t great lighting be part of kitchen design?

The De Niro range of low wattage LED downlights from Vynco have a 60° beam angle and a 25° tilt feature. The medium width 60° beam is significant because there is no point in having a wide beam angle, such as 120° in a tilt-able downlight; once the inner lamp is tilted, a portion of the light output is lost into the inside of the fitting itself. This is why the 60° beam angle is key.

The tilt feature suits many applications, specifically angled ceilings, and is also great for directing light where it’s most needed. Pendants are increasing in popularity for decorative purposes above kitchen benches, but it is often impractical to have something suspended over a space that is in use daily. Use De Niro downlights to easily direct light towards kitchen work spaces, without having lamps suspended at close-to-eye level, which can cause glare related eye discomfort and is not always suitable in every home.

Pendants are commonly used for adding style statements to the overall design, but often their light output is not considered as they are placed as purely decorative elements. De Niro downlights produce up to 730 lumens each and are available in warm white and natural white options. Natural white 4000k is preferred for kitchens and bathrooms as it gives a cleaner, but not harsh, white light which is best when homeowners need to see what they're doing.

The De Niro range from Vynco is available in three different colours specifically selected to suit modern day kitchen colour trends. The white units are perfect if the design requires the flush fittings to blend subtly into the ceiling; white tiles and benchtops also coordinate well. The white downlights also coordinate with Vynco Fusion White switchgear for a minimalistic all over white look. The silver option imitates stainless steel appliances and tapware and can be coordinated with Vynco Fusion Silver Metal in either white or black sub-plates. The black De Niro units align themselves with the black kitchen trend of 2017-18. They can be matched with black tapware and other fixtures, as well as black cabinetry or tiles. Fusion Black on black metal also fits well into the black interiors look. Vynco’s USB power mechanisms also come in black or white, to match any choice of Fusion, for added convenience.

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