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May 2012

Commercial Applications for Volclay Waterproofing Products

Volclay waterproofing products from Allco Waterproofing Solutions Ltd utilise the unique properties of natural sodium bentonite, a non-toxic clay used for its absorption, expansion, cohesion and sealing characteristics.

When hydrated in an unconfined condition, Volclay swells 10 to 15 times its dry volume. However, when constrained against below-grade foundations, the material's swell capacity is restricted and it transforms into a thick, water-impermeable gel. The product will not dry out but will remain hydrated and waterproof for the life of the building, as documented by BRANZ and BBA in the UK, unlike competing products that offer only one membrane.

Cetco, the manufacturer of the Volclay system, has combined bentonite clays into a number of composite membrane products, including membranes for contaminated or saline water conditions.

Today Volclay is increasingly being used on backfilled foundation walls, slab on grade, plaza decks, earth-covered roofs and tunnels. It is the only bentonite system approved for both plaza decks and masonry block walls. It does not require site concrete, can be applied in virtually any weather, can be applied to green, uncured concrete and does not demand unrealistic protection.

The Allco Volclay system comes with site quality assurance provided by Adrian Crow M.I.T., and a full system warranty of up to 20 years.

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