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UNEX Enhances Unique Look of Wanaka Home with its Bespoke Siena Design

In the picturesque town of Wanaka, where natural beauty abounds, one home stands out as a testament to exceptional design and architectural brilliance. This stunning brand-new residence, built by local builder Jared Miles and designed by the talented architect Jessica Shipard from Ess Architecture, demanded an exterior treatment that would seamlessly complement its modern aesthetics while preserving its connection to nature.

Enter UNEX, a renowned name in the architectural balustrade industry, offering a bespoke solution that would transform the home's look and elevate its character.

A perfect match: Siena framed glass balustrades

When the project was presented to Viewtec, an authorised UNEX fabricator based in Wanaka, their immediate recommendation was the Siena framed glass balustrades. These elegant balustrades, characterised by a signature three-sided frame and full-pane glass, offered a sophisticated touch to the home's exterior while providing unobstructed views and welcoming natural light into the living spaces. The absence of a lower rail allowed the uninterrupted panorama of the surrounding landscape, seamlessly blending the home with its stunning surroundings.

Customisable elegance: Tailored to suit the build

UNEX's full suite of interchangeable rail types allowed for effortless customisation of the Siena design to perfectly complement the modern vertical timber shiplap weatherboard home. This clean and contemporary look not only added a sense of security but also enhanced the feeling of openness and space, a crucial element for a home nestled in such a breathtaking location.

The Flaxpod color, thoughtfully chosen for the balustrades, harmoniously matched the joinery and hardwood decking boards, retaining the home's natural ambiance while infusing it with a refreshed and modern allure.

UNEX's approach not only accentuated the architectural vision but also highlighted how taking a different route could significantly elevate the final design outcome for the better.

Preserving panoramic views: A glass balustrade triumph

Viewtec, with a keen eye for enhancing the overall experience of residing in this beautiful home, insisted on using glass balustrades from the very beginning. With a backyard offering private, north-facing views of Sticky Forest and the majestic mountains beyond, it was essential to retain these awe-inspiring vistas. UNEX's Siena framed glass balustrades made perfect sense, as they allowed the natural surroundings to take centre stage, seamlessly blending the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Cost-effective and low-maintenance solution

Beyond the aesthetic advantages, the UNEX Siena framed glass balustrades proved to be a cost-effective solution. Contrary to conventional beliefs, the price point of glass balustrades compared favourably to traditional alternatives. Moreover, these balustrades offer robust durability, requiring minimal upkeep. With the ability to withstand the elements, they became the ideal choice for the windy and sometimes stormy Wanaka weather.

A timeless addition to cherish

The UNEX Siena framed glass balustrades, with their timeless design and enduring elegance, promise to enhance the joy of residing in this remarkable Wanaka home for generations to come. The flawless integration of modern aesthetics with nature's beauty showcases the true potential of thoughtful exterior treatments.

UNEX transforms a home into a timeless masterpiece

For homeowners in Wanaka seeking to enhance their homes with high-end balustrade solutions, UNEX's Siena framed glass balustrades offer a perfect answer. By collaborating with expert fabricators like Viewtec, the transformation of a home's exterior can be truly extraordinary. Embrace the beauty of nature, welcome abundant natural light, and preserve breathtaking views with UNEX's sophisticated Siena design.

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