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Trespa: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow

Good education starts in a sustainably built school

An educational institution reflects its staff, students and visitors, and so every school building requires its own unique look. Since budgets are often tight, sustainability and low maintenance requirements are essential. As a result, many schools all over the world have chosen Trespa Meteon for many applications, including facade cladding, facade elements, canopies and soffits. Whether for a new building or a renovation, Trespa has the ideal solution for the school of tomorrow. Trespa’s wide product range enables designers to combine colours or contrast them with other parts of the school building. The Trespa Meteon Matt finish even lets designers create a design with a natural look.

Guaranteed product quality

Trespa never stops learning. All Trespa products are tested under extreme conditions. One of which is exposure of the panels to a climate (sun, rain and humidity) equal to the climate that prevails in Florida, which is similar to New Zealand. The combination of weather resistance, colour stability and robustness enable Trespa to handle the harsh New Zealand climate and be covered by a manufacturer’s ten-year limited product warranty.

Impact resistance

Trespa Meteon is highly scratch and impact resistant and withstands any wear due to daily use, even in high-traffic and exposure areas at large and busy schools.

Easy to install and machine

The edges of Trespa Meteon do not require extra finishing; smooth edges can be achieved without further machining. A range of cavity systems are available allowing Trespa Meteon panels to be used in a variety of school-related designs and applications.

Low maintenance and easy to clean

The school of tomorrow will remain just as attractive as it is today. The closed, integrated surface of Trespa Meteon practically withstands dirt accumulation, keeping the product smooth and easy to clean and ensuring that the school maintains its own unique look. Contamination such as crayon, graffiti and even water-resistant markers can be easily removed if properly treated.

Sustainable raw materials

The entire Trespa Meteon product range is now available with PEFC or FSC certification upon request. Trespa Meteon panels contain up to 70% natural fibres, most of which originate from sustainable forests. Through PEFC or FSC certification, Trespa shows that it attaches great importance to preserving forests and that Trespa supports better forest management. The entire Trespa Meteon product range is now available with PEFC or FSC certification upon request.

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