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Tile Warehouse Set to Bring the Hottest Trends from Cersaie to NZ Interiors

This year Tile Warehouse was the only New Zealand tile supplier at the world’s largest Tile Fair, Cersaie in Bologna, Italy. As a result they have had first-offer on the latest in design and technologically-advanced product available across the world.

For architects, designers and specifiers, this means Tile Warehouse will be stocking the best in design and quality ranges, many of which will be landing on our shores by early 2024.

Over the past 40 years, the most famous brands in the world have presented their products at Cersaie — a temporary showroom made up of fifteen fully occupied pavilions — equal to 145,000 square metres of surface area and 633 exhibitors. 99,319 visitors attended this year, 2023, to secure ranging for 2024 and beyond.

Cersaie is the meeting point between the creativity of design and the innovation of technical solutions. Essentially, for key tile suppliers and retailers across the world, Cersaie is an essential international visit for those in the tile industry.

On the stands, companies showcase the products best suited to achieving a vision of integrated architecture that aims to create a synergy between outdoor and indoor spaces to create ultimate environments, illustrate the stylistic features of their collections and share new technologies and materials.

Trends for 2024

After returning from Cersaie Bologna, the Tile Warehouse sourcing team have outlined some succinct trend forecasts for 2024. Here’s what to expect for tiles in the year ahead...

1. Tiles in all living spaces — a hot trend

A HUGE trend worldwide is the use of tile in communal living spaces which will impact Kiwi consumer design decisions from next year. This is in part due to technology advances in size format options with large-format square and rectangular porcelains and also the trend towards warm soft-stone looks in travertines and terracotta. 

Post the pandemic also we are seeing a trend shift from homeowners who seek materials and spaces that enhance serenity to create a personal oasis. With health and wellness at the forefront for many, the antimicrobial component of tile is also of benefit as well as finishes that are long-lasting and easily cleaned. That trend can now be seen among homeowners here and abroad, something that real estate pros often tout in listings.

The shift is impacting commercial spaces also with many hotels across the globe replacing carpet with tile.

Why is Tile a healthier flooring choice?

Aside from the long-lasting durability of a tiles surface, Tiles do not permit or house odours, allergens, moulds or bacteria. As well as this, tile’s natural ingredients do not have harmful chemicals and irritants. There are no VOCs, formaldehyde, phthalates, organotins, or allergens like there are in many other flooring options on the market. 

2. Terrific terracotta and travertine

Rich, earthy and full of character, authentic terracotta tiles are a handmade product and will feature all of the wonderfully tactile elements that make handmade tiles so popular.

Providing a rustic, earthen texture, terracotta feeds the prevailing desire to connect our interiors with the natural world. In shades of toasty burnt orange and reddish brown, terracotta tiles bring warmth to interior, and also exterior, spaces.

Even more in demand in NZ will be Travertine porcelains and ceramics which provide a classic, quality look in the home with warm, earthen textures connecting our natural world.

3. Mix-and-match matt and gloss

Usually when we consider mixing and matching tiles, our instinct is to choose the same style, just in differing shades. In 2024, the combination of matt and gloss tiles of the same colour is trending. This creates a unique design with an understated patterned effect where the gloss finish catches light, creating a sense of space and contrasting with neighbouring matt tiles. 

4. Decorative Impact

Wallpaper-look, florals, geometrics and textured tile remain huge trends for 2024. These tiles are designed to give the illusion of a wallpapered wall, but with the added durability and practicality of tiles.

Tiles that look like wallpaper offer a stylish and practical alternative to traditional wallpaper, providing the same aesthetic appeal while also offering added durability in all wet areas and practicality of cleaning.

Tile Warehouse are excited to be adding some stunning designs in various sizes offered at Cersaie to their already extensive decorative-tile range.

View more information on Tile Warehouse, including contact details.
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