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Waste, Destined for Landfill, Recycled into Building Products

Thermakraft knows and understands the building sector’s responsibilities around climate change and are committed to playing their part in waste and energy minimisation in product manufacturing, service efficiency, longevity and performance.

Thermakraft is dedicated to four key initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint and enable the development of more sustainable buildings.

One: Energy saving

Thermakraft products provide efficiencies in air and moisture management, temperature control, building maintenance and longevity. All Thermakraft products meet the NZBC code clause B2 for durability of 50 years. This robust longevity supports the conservation of resources, the reduction of waste and the environmental impacts of maintenance, repair and replacement.

Two: Making high performing products from waste material

Thermakraft combines the packaging waste from their factory with locally collected post-consumer waste (soft plastic) to manufacture Supercourse 500 DPC. Manufacturing this product locally enables Thermakraft to repurpose its waste, reduce its carbon miles and footprint, and provide employment and support for local business. Thermakraft are proud of this initiative, it’s a win-win for Thermakraft, New Zealand and the environment.

Three: Saving 343 tonnes of waste from landfill

Thermakraft is working towards a ‘no manufacturing waste’ target. Over the course of a year approximately 30 tonnes of waste generated by the manufacture of Covertek was repurposed locally and used to manufacture other construction industry products.

The shrink wrap packaging from the factory totals about 1 tonne per year. This is combined with 312 tonnes of post consumer waste to manufacture Supercourse 500. Next year is it planned this channel will recycle over 430 tonnes!

Four: Working toward carbon neutral products

Air, water and moisture barriers must in essence be robust, stable and non-degrading and it is critical that these moisture barriers and condensation management systems perform well under a broad range of weather conditions and temperatures. Thermakraft has designed solutions that are inherently stable in all conditions, with products developed specially for the New Zealand climate, that perform well beyond the NZBC code minimum standards.

Thermakraft have started their journey toward New Zealand’s Carbon Neutral goal and will continue to innovate and contribute to the reduction of embodied carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and the increase of energy efficiency in their building products.

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