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New BRANZ-Appraised Synthetic Flashing Tape Supports Building Reliability and Longevity

Thermakraft, New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of synthetic construction underlays, has just launched Thermaflash — a synthetic, high-adhesion flashing tape with significant benefits for construction scheduling and long-term building performance. This new product involved 18 months of intense development and testing.

Low temperatures, long UV exposure and stretched conditions

New Thermaflash can be installed in temperatures as low as -10 C° and exposed to UV for up to 180 days. It can also be used in extra-high wind zones. For construction projects that face climatic challenges and/or delays, Thermaflash helps to ensure building integrity isn’t compromised before close-in. In addition to supporting construction flexibility, Thermaflash improves the overall reliability of the finished building, because it has been tested and shown not to fail or degrade under harsh stretched conditions.

Superior flashing tape contributes to a superior building

Flashing tape is as important for building integrity as wall and roof underlay. It protects the building structure by preventing water ingress through window and door joinery. While most construction tapes are waterproof to some extent, their effectiveness is limited by their ability to seal around nails and their tendency to chemically react with other materials, which causes tape breakdown.

Fully tested and BRANZ-appraised, Thermaflash is chemically stable and has been proven to provide a watertight seal around nails and other penetrative fixings. It is a valuable new addition to Thermakraft’s One-Wrap System, a whole-building weather protection system of compatible components, backed by a single system warranty.

Suitable for a wide range of buildings

Thermaflash is ideal for residential (E2/AS1, E2/AS4) and medium-rise commercial projects (E2/VM2). It’s suitable for use with both timber and steel joinery for windows, doors and other penetrations. What’s more, Thermaflash is compatible with most building surfaces, underlays, sealants and air seal products.

More information online

For more information and complete specifications, go to the Thermaflash datasheet.

View more information on Kingspan Thermakraft, including contact details.
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