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Porcelain Stoneware Pavers: The Future of Outdoor Flooring

One of the most exciting developments in tile manufacturing in recent years has been the advent of 2cm porcelain stoneware pavers. These incredibly versatile and high performing tiles have quietly crept into the market when really they should have arrived with much noise and fanfare. An exciting new frontier for the tile industry, 2cm porcelain pavers are the future of outdoor flooring.

Designed specifically for exterior use, these hard wearing anti-slip porcelain tiles are resistant to virtually all weather and environmental conditions, and are easy to install and maintain. They do not require ongoing sealing, they will not fade or wear, they do not harbour mould growth or have any problems with efflorescence, and where dry laid, they can be readily repositioned in the event of future changes. Available in an increasingly wide array of colours, designs and patterns, it’s easy to see how these tiles are predicted to supersede traditional stone, concrete, terracotta and even wood, as the go-to product for exterior landscaping.

The increased thickness (twice that of traditional porcelain tiles) has numerous benefits. Not only does it guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses but it also facilitates an array of installation methods. From dry laid onto sand, gravel and soil, glued to a solid surface, or installed on elevated deck jack systems like VersiJack; they are easy to lay and provide superior wear, performance and versatility.

They are ideal for any and all exterior residential and commercial applications from swimming pool surrounds, pathways, terraces, driveways, gardens, alfresco areas and walkways. They are really only limited by the imagination. Tile Depot has a large range of 2cm porcelain pavers, some with rounded bullnoses and some with matching indoor tiles. So for clients who are thinking about upgrading or adding some new hardscape areas for summer, consider 2cm porcelain pavers. This high performance engineered porcelain stoneware is indeed the outdoor flooring option of the future.

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December 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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