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Equitone Rainscreen System Brings New Options to MDH

The Equitone Rainscreen system is a high-density fibre-cement board that is supported by a hidden aluminium rail system, presenting a seamless flat finished product. The through-coloured panels feature the inner texture and colour of the core fibre cement material, meaning that there is no painted finish to maintain. This low maintenance highly durable finish makes Equitone especially suitable for buildings that are not easy to maintain such as medium density housing developments. 

Offering exciting options for unique designs, Equitone façade panels can be transformed into any size or shape using standard tools in the workshop or on site. The material can be perforated using waterjet or CNC machines. Large or very small cuts can be made, it can even be engraved and printed. 

Equitone is suitable for use on multi-level residential and commercial interior and exterior façades, and has been tested for use on buildings with factored wind loads up to 3.0 kPa. For higher wind loads a site-specific approval will be required. Equitone is suitable for use in all environments, including sea spray zones.

Equitone is naturally non-combustible and when combined with The Building Agency's T50 installation system and SideRise fire barriers, the full system can provide a fully tested façade (to BS8414 in accordance with BR135). With an independently assessed expected service life of 40 to 60 years, Equitone provides a long lasting durable, high performing architectural façade for Medium Density Housing.


  • Installed life expectancy of at least 50 years
  • Maximum panel size of 1250 x 3000mm
  • Façades with pre-finished panels are thin and lightweight, resulting in a minimum depletion of raw materials, easy installation and better seismic resistance.
  • The products have been tested according to NZS2908 and have been used all over the world and in the most diverse climate zones
  • Specifically developed and tested 50mm cavity system
  • Concealed mechanical fix (Nvelope) or visible colour matched stainless-steel fixings
  • Easy to install with minimal components supported by a comprehensive digital detail sets and design guides
View more information on The Building Agency, including contact details.
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