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EQUITONE Brings Sustainable, Creative and Low Maintenance Solutions to the Education Sector

Finding the perfect cladding product for the education sector can be challenging. While we look for a product that is aesthetically pleasing and both ‘healthy’ and sustainable, we also need to factor in longevity, durability and how much (or how little) maintenance is required, particularly in our tough New Zealand environment. Fibre cement is a material that ticks all of these boxes, and EQUITONE is, in our opinion, at the top of the list when it comes to quality.

EQUITONE High-Density Fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding aesthetic and physical properties designed as cladding by and for architects. This allows architects to create a positive environment for young people to learn and develop, with a minimal ecological footprint.

Graffiti protection and 'ball-throw safety test' — tried and tested to withstand even the wildest kids

Educational buildings are intensively used, and often not only in the intended ways. EQUITONE facade sheets are made of fibre cement, a lightweight composite material that is as hard as stone and utterly robust, with an expectancy of more than 50 years.

To ensure their facade panels are resistant to the wear and tear of school kids, The Building Agency submitted the 12mm EQUITONE boards to a ball-throw safety test (in accordance with DIN 18032-3, MFPA Leipzig). EQUITONE [natura] PRO and EQUITONE [pictura] were also fitted with graffiti protection to ensure that unwanted ‘works of art’ can be easily removed with a graffiti cleaner.

Facades can be fun — using colour and engraving to form a creative environment

Educational buildings are places of creativity and spaces to develop. Creative character is reflected in the design of facilities, all while remaining practical and functional. Staff and pupils spend at least 170 days a year in these educational facilities, reinforcing the importance of creating the right environment.

EQUITONE facade cladding comes in earthy and trendy surface textures and colours, and you can personalise it using various processing techniques including engraving, offering you unlimited possibilities to give any school building a stylish makeover.

A good indoor climate contributes to concentration

A facade is not purely an external feature; it also significantly influences the indoor climate. EQUITONE facade sheets can be combined with any insulation, keeping pupils warm in winter and the heat out in summer. This has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the public building (and on the bill for heating and cooling). With the ventilated rain screen system, air can circulate behind the facade cladding, reducing humidity and effectively protecting the inner structure of the building and the classroom from moisture, mould growth and condensation. The extra 'skin' around the building also contributes to noise control.

Immaculate safety, non-combustable and sustainability

The highest fire protection requirements apply to schools and other educational facilities. EQUITONE's fibre-cement facade panels are classified as non-combustible (A2-s1, d0), exceeding fire-safety requirements in most countries. EQUITONE facade panels are extremely robust and do not emit harmful gases, making these panels suitable for indoor use. This indoor use creates additional creative possibilities for architects, letting the external facade continue inside the building.

A sustainable cladding choice

Environmental criteria is always part of a public tender for schools. EQUITONE is composed of naturally available materials, fewer natural resources reach the same performance level when comparing the strength and thinness. EQUITONE is also disassembly-proof, recyclable, and produced with as little energy, water, transport, and waste as possible.

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