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Phonic Absorb Ceiling Tile and Floc Panel for Learning Environments

Functionality is a key aspect when designing early childcare centres, schools and tertiary institutions. This includes material selection as they can have a major impact on those that inhabit the space. Acoustics are incredibly important for not only comfort and functionality, but also to help create the perfect learning environment.

Suspended ceilings are often used in education spaces for their functionality, making ceiling tile selection very important. T&R’s Phonic Absorb Ceiling Tile  is a great choice for many applications but it has a number of benefits that make it excellent for learning environments. 

Phonic Absorb Ceiling Tile is a glass wool tile with a refined white or black painted monolithic pre-finished face. With extremely high-performing acoustic absorption this ceiling tile archives an NRC of between 0.85-0.95, depending on thickness. Phonic Absorb is a high quality but mid-range ceiling tile, making it a very popular choice within the education sector. Phonic Absorb is an antimicrobial tile and meets the Greenguard Emission Certificate standard. Phonic Absorb Ceiling Tiles achieve Group 1-S status.

Along with functionality, it is important to ensure the space you’re designing is welcoming especially within education. T&R’s Floc Panel helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere whilst simultaneously improving acoustic wellness. With an NRC of 0.40 Floc Panel helps soften excess noise. Made from 100% New Zealand Wool, Floc Panel looks and feels soft but has excellent durability.

Floc Panel is available in a range of natural shades and large number of colourful and muted hues. It’s also a customisable product with an option to have your own creative patterns or brand logos printed.

Floc Panel provides natural air filtering, heat and moisture regulating properties. Research by AgResearch has revealed that wool absorbs harmful air pollutants (such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) and does not re-emit them. At end-of-life, Floc Panel can be returned to the earth as the product is fully compostable. Floc Panel achieves Group 1-S status.

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