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Introducing Floc: Premier Woollen Acoustic Panels

Floc is a premier wool acoustic panel that is strong, resilient, innovative, and brings together all the goodness of Aotearoa into commercial spaces. It is made from 100% New Zealand born, grown and processed strong-wool, utilising the by-product of shearing to create a sustainable wall lining. At end of life it can be returned to the earth as the product is fully compostable.

It is crucial that acoustic wellbeing is heavily considered throughout the design process as it is a factor that greatly impacts those that inhabit the space. Wool has an abundance of beneficial qualities, one being the ability to absorb sound while simultaneously enhancing the interior environment. Floc achieves an excellent NRC rating with Floc Panels having an NRC of 0.4 and Floc 3D sitting at an NRC of 0.65 – 0.80 depending on application.

Being a natural product, Floc harnesses the sustainable nature of wool. Enhancing its performance for the built environment whilst at the same time creating spaces that better connect inhibitors with the outside environment. A true example of biophilic design.

Aotearoa New Zealand has a rich history with wool; sheep in unspoilt landscapes with the freshest air, growing the finest, natural fibres. It is a product grown every year and needs to be removed annually for animal welfare, making it a truly renewable product. Strong-wool makes up 90% of New Zealand’s sheep fleeces. While not as favourable as their merino cousins for clothing, strong-wool holds the perfect characteristics and fibre quality for an interior application.

Wool has a unique and inherent ability to regulate temperature as well as natural air filtering capabilities — no man-made product has come close to replicating the properties of wool. Wool is also non-allergenic and breathable; excellent properties for busy workspaces.

Floc is offered in a range of neutral colours to complement a wide colour palette. Custom colours and patterns are available for Floc Panels along with a range of preselected or bespoke designs for Floc 3D.

Through extensive research and development, Floc Panels have a clever, natural addition to the lanolin rich strong wool — allowing the product to gain Group 1-S status. Floc releases little heat, produces less smoke than synthetic fibres and results in a charred state — where synthetics catch light and melt away from the flame.

Harnessing the strength, resilience and innovative nature of wool, Floc is leading the way for sustainable acoustic wall and ceiling linings.

Learn more about Floc here

Projects featured:
Threefold Architecture Office, Christchurch
New Zealand Pavilion, Expo 2020, Dubai

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