Stoke Fireplace Studio Presents Spartherm Wood Fires

with Stoke Fireplace Studio01 March 2017


A leading and popular brand in Europe, Spartherm's minimalist design and clean lines make it an ideal fire for those after the minimalist or Scandinavian aesthetic. From the double-sided wood fire to the unconventional corner fire, to the comfort of the single fronted fires, these fireplaces provide a counterpoint to busy lives. Team them with white walls, timber and mid-century furniture and homeowners have a sophisticated style that is both modern and timeless.

"My preference is to go for what is known as a 'tunnel fireplace,' which is a double sided fire used as a room divider that you can see from both spaces. Like this it can stand alone," explains Munich-based interior designer Jeanette Heerwagen.

Jeanette says that for those that are lacking enough space for a double sided fire, she suggests a three sided bay version for the design.

"For people in Europe it is also something special to have the Spartherm fire in a simple, minimalist setting so that it can be the main attraction."

Available at Stoke Fireplace Studio, Spartherm wood fireplaces (with the exception of Bay fires) are clean air approved and meet the national environmental standards, which means that they can be installed across most New Zealand regions.


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