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Efficient Multiroom Heating and 'Free Power' a Winner in Designer's Home

To achieve this Jamie focused on two things: photovoltaic panels to generate free power, and an Escea DX1000 multiroom gas fireplace for efficient heating.

Jamie chose the DX1000 for its efficiency and heat output that made it powerful enough to heat the large, open plan 60m² room. "The ducting technology was also a selling point as it meant we could also heat the family room," explains Jamie.

The powerful gas fireplace captures 90% of the available heat and returns it back into multiple rooms of the home via Escea's heat ducting technology. Escea's Powered Direct Vent draws air from outside of the house to ensure the fire burns at optimum levels. The see-through DX1000 makes a design statement in the living area, helping to zone the different areas of the lounge and the dining room, while retaining the open plan flow.

Working full time from home, Jamie was conscious that he needed an efficient form of heating to keep the power bills as low as possible. He also teamed this smart heating choice with photovoltaic panels to generate his own power.

The 4kW grid-tied system returns excess power into the power grid. Essentially this means during the day the power Jamie is consuming is free.

"It was a big investment at the time but one that will pay itself back in about eight to ten years," says Jamie.

Designer: Jamie Merriman

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