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Build Higher and Faster with Rondo's New Stud

Rondo has always been at the forefront of developing innovative system solutions. At the top of Rondo’s agenda has been developing solutions that speed up product installations on site and deliver both material and labour cost savings. The new Rondo Duplex Stud System achieves exactly that.

There’s no longer a need to box steel studs at door and glazing openings, installers can simply use Rondo's Duplex Stud instead. That’s one Duplex Stud that replaces two regular steel studs boxed together at internal openings. Fewer products to install means much faster installations to deliver all-important labour cost savings.

Not only that, Rondo’s Duplex Stud can be used as a wall stud for internal wall framing. It has a greater load capacity than standard steel studs and can, therefore, achieve higher walls before noggings are required. Where standard stud walls, lined both sides require noggings past 4.4 metres, those using the Duplex Stud can be constructed up to six metres before noggings are necessary.

How does it work? 

When higher walls are needed, steel studs will often be installed at closer centres to reach the required heights.

For example, if using Rondo 112 Stud (64mm x 0.50bmt) with a wall lined both sides with 10mm plasterboard that needs to achieve a height of 3.9 metres, the studs would need to be installed at 300mm centres or another stud would need to be selected. If Rondo DU64 (64mm Duplex Stud) is chosen, it can be spaced at 600mm centres and get the required wall height. This allows greater spans with fewer products and quicker installations.

Partnered with the new Duplex Sill/Header Bracket and Universal Stud Bracket, together with Studco's popular Slotted Deflection Head Track, the Rondo Duplex Stud System is the perfect addition to the Rondo family of Wall Framing Systems.

How to Find Out More: 

There’s plenty of ways Rondo can help architects design and install the new Duplex Stud System in future projects.

  • Download the Rondo Design Manual: It provides designers with Duplex Stud System components, section properties, typical application details, installation details, wall height tables and design charts. Available now on the Rondo website.
  • Download Whitepaper: ‘The Rising Value of Innovation' discusses the need for innovative solutions that speed up construction time and improve resource allocation.
  • Register for a Sales Presentation: If looking to use Rondo’s Duplex Stud System on the next major project, register for a presentation by Rondo’s Technical and Specification Sales team.
  • Speak with Rondo Partners: Designers can access Duplex Stud System resources so they’re ready to service their needs. Use the ‘Where to Buy’ section of Rondo’s website to find the nearest one. 
View more information on Rondo Building Services, including contact details.
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