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June 2011

Rockcote's Earthen Natural Clay Plaster Coating

Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay has some very special qualities. It is a breathing surface in that it assists in regulating both humidity and temperature by absorbing and releasing air vapour. It makes rooms more tolerable in humid weather, and when the weather becomes drier it releases moisture into the room helping to improve the air quality.

Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay surfaces can also help moderate temperature swings; wall surfaces remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The more clay used in a room the greater the beneficial effects.

Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay is composed of fine white china clay, sands, and natural binders. This is then mixed with water to create a workable material for plastering. It is applied as a standard to a minimum 5mm thickness, but can be applied up to 15mm in multiple coats.

The surface finish is typically matt, although some polished surface finishes can be created by burnishing or applying finishing coats of Rockcote Milano lime finish. Many other different finishes can be achieved however, by adding coloured aggregates, hemp, or 'chaff' (cut straw) for a really rustic interior. Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay plaster can be left unfinished without surface paint, or coloured using liquid oxides to create a range of colours from Resene's The Range Whites & Neutrals.

Traditional plastering techniques are used to apply Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay. It is then generally floated, trowelled, brushed or sponged to achieve the desired effect.

A 100% natural product, it contains no VOC's, or cements, and is a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional gypsum plaster.

Other benefits include:

  •  naturally absorbs odours
  •  mould resistant
  •  natural properties are anti-allergic
  •  can be used with a range of absorbent backing surfaces; brickwork, cement sheeting, gypsum plasterboard and plaster undercoat
  •  acoustic insulation properties
  •  natural fire resistant qualities
  •  a non-dusting finish
  •  long drying time means that it is workable for longer

Rockcote EARTHEN Natural Clay samples can be requested by calling 0800 50 70 40.

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