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July 2012

Blum’s Quality of Motion Secured for Years to Come with Age Explorer

Blum’s latest research tool is the Age Explorer suit, used to support the development of products that provide long-term ergonomic advantages for the kitchen user. The special suit simulates decreasing mobility due to the natural aging process or other physical limitations. Advancing age means that many ailments start to occur, such as decreasing muscle strength, vision impairment and arthritis.

The Age Explorer has many simulations like special stitching to make it difficult to straighten the arms; weights to create stiffness; and bindings to limit the motion of elbows and knees. The helmet and goggles create vision impairment and special gloves have a rough inner lining to make fingers less sensitive and simulate arthritis.

From the research conducted by Blum, results have shown that in base units, planning for drawers like Blum's full extension Tandembox provides a clearer overview of what’s inside and total access to the remote corner of the unit. As opposed to a cupboard with open shelving, using drawers allows goods to come out to you, meaning no more bending and easy access, offering ergonomic advantages to kitchen users in the long term.

The Age Explorer suit can be used in Blum's Dynamic Space showrooms in either Auckland or Christchurch, by appointment only.

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