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Plytech Introduces Plytech Green

Wood is our most valuable natural resource. It is also a fully renewable resource that we can now use to its full potential.

Thanks to the last decade’s most ingenious innovation in plywood gluing technology, Plytech is now able to offer a renewable wood-based non-toxic alternative to fossil-based glue systems. This new lignin-based glue significantly reduces the carbon footprint of Plytech's plywood products all the way from production to final end-use applications without compromising quality or technical performance.

From March 2021 the Plytech Birch Elite, Birch Décor, Polaris HPL and Futura HPL panel ranges will be available with the new green glue technology, using bio-based renewable lignin to a significant extent as a substitute for the traditional fossil-based glue systems.

Lignin is found in the cell walls of almost all dry-land plants and is a by-product of the paper kraft-pulping process. It is the natural glue in plants that helps to hold plant cellulose fibres together. This polyphenolic compound makes up almost one quarter of the dry mass of every tree, which makes it an abundant resource. The Lignin used in Plytech green panels is produced from sustainably sourced wood from both FSC and PEFC certified plantations.

It is this technological breakthrough, that gives Plytech green panels customers a choice to contribute to a more sustainable world. As one of the earliest adopters globally, Plytech believes, that by embracing this breakthrough-technology we can provide our customers with a competitive advantage at a time when environmental and sustainability issues continue to be increasingly important.

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