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New Improved TPO Roofing Membrane

Ter PolyOlefin (TPO) has a solar reflective surface that keeps the building interior cooler in summer thus reducing air conditioning costs.  It is UV resistant and and with a standard thickness of 1.5mm may be exposed to all weather conditions. It also contains no plasticizers or chlorines and is a more environmentally friendly product than the earlier PVC technology for roofing.

TPO has the option of being mechanically fastened to a variety of substrates and is a versatile product for re-roofing.  Seaming and penetrations are welded together providing thermal fusion of materials.

TPO has been available as a roofing membrane since 1989. The earlier TPO membranes are quite rigid and are composed of two layers of membrane with a reinforcement mat of polyester sandwiched and laminated between. The new technology of TPO formulations from Europe provide greater sheet flexibility making them less rigid while maintaining dimensional stability.

The TPO/FPO (flexible PolyOlefins) is also co-extruded, meaning that the layering of the sheet with the re-enforcement is achieved without the need to glue or laminate the layers together.

The latest co-extruded membranes from Europe are not subject to delamination and are able to achieve a more consistent finished appearance than 1st generation TPO’s.

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