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March 2012

New Pink Batts Skillion Roof and 140mm Wall Products

Both products are available in a range of high performance R-values to meet and exceed New Zealand building code requirements, and are BRANZ appraised to provide independent assurance of durability.

Pink Batts Skillion Roof

Pink Batts Skillion Roof is designed for use in skillion roof constructions while maintaining the mandatory clearances for ventilation. Standard insulation is often too thick for restricted skillion roof cavities, resulting in restricted ventilation and compressed insulation that reduces the R-value performance.

To ensure durability and performance the product provides extra ventilation. Standard skillion roof products offer a 25mm clearance, while Pink Batts Skillion Roof insulation allows for an extra 25mm, offering a total of 50mm for ventilation while still providing an R-value of R3.2 for 140mm rafters and R3.6 for 190mm Rafters.

This extra clearance is important as historically there have been some moisture related problems associated with skillion roofs, caused by inadequate ventilation.

Pink Batts 140mm Wall Insulation

Standard wall insulation products are designed for 90mm wall framing. The Pink Batts 140mm Wall range is specifically designed to offer a choice of high performance R-values to suit 140mm wall framing.

Unlike many other 140mm insulation products, Pink Batts 140mm Wall insulation is specifically designed for wall applications. Pink Batts 140mm provides durability as it is manufactured with Pink Batts' wall formulation to ensure the product does not sag or deteriorate over time. The BRANZ Appraisal provides independent assurance of the 50 year durability requirement of the New Zealand Building code.

For more information, download the latest Pink Batts product guide.

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