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MAXSpan: An Above-Ground Insulated Slab

A groundbreaking innovation in insulation, MAXRaft is a thermally broken slab fully insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS). EPS is recognised by the industry for its thermal efficiency properties.

MAXSpan is a solution for an insulated slab built above the ground on which a home sits, delivering the superior insulating qualities of the MAXRaft system to the upper floors of a home.

Suitable for use in multistorey buildings, above basements or on incline sites, the benefits of an above the foundation concrete floor include increased structural integrity, underfloor heating efficiency, reduced noise transfer between rooms and no cranes are required.

MAXSpan insulated concrete floors are designed to allow the reinforcing within the concrete floor to tie in with that in the walls. This construction technique allows for a stronger connection between the suspended concrete floor and exterior walls than that allowed for when using traditional methods.

Increased insulation allows for the underfloor heating to work more effectively than traditional designs, reducing heating costs long after the floor has been put down.

The greater thickness and density of the floor when compared to traditional methods also creates a natural barrier to sound waves, thus reducing noise transfer between the different levels of the house. This is particularly noticeable when a house is built over a garage.

MAXSpan can be used in conjunction with MAXRaft, MAXWaffleRaft and retaining walls.

Product Features:

Product features include increased thermal efficiency, crack-resistant polished concrete floors, site-specific engineering. MAXSpan can also be used to bridge enclosed spaces and is suitable for multi-level building and incline sites, is time efficient and reliable, and achieves an R-value of ~R4.5 according to floor type.


Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft, as it works with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft foundations and can pre-empt council queries. MAXRaft can also prepare and deliver PS4 sign off for each project.

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