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A Stronger Building Wrap to Keep Construction Moving

Time overruns are probably the biggest contributor to increased project costs. By installing a UNI Flexible Air Barrier, builders get at least 90 and up to 150 days of rain and UV protection for unclad framing. Building teams can continue working inside, even when the cladding is delayed due to supply disruption or labour shortages.

But that’s not UNI’s only advantage. These heavy-duty Flexible Air Barriers are an excellent second line of defence — they are vapour permeable, allowing moisture vapour to pass out of the building envelope for the life of the building, achieving results well above minimum standard according to SCION tests.

3-ply structure brings multiple benefits

The UNI family of Flexible Air Barriers are nonwoven synthetic wall underlays that come in three grades: UNI, UNI PRO and UNI PLUS. Thicker and stronger than conventional building wrap materials, UNI’s 3-ply structure is a barrier to both air and water, while still allowing water vapour to diffuse.

Once fitted, UNI’s sandwich construction — two outer layers of non-woven polypropylene with a middle layer of a functional-technical film — resists UV degradation for 90 days. UNI PRO offers protection for up to 150 days. And they are installed at a fraction of the cost of rigid air barriers, such as plywood or cement board. UNI PLUS offers 90 days UV protection and is fire retardant.

A superior building wrap

UNI is a quality wall underlay once the structure is clad, with excellent moisture protection. The outer layer keeps out water, while the technical film allows water vapour to pass through and escape.

In SCION tests, a UNI Flexible Air Barrier repelled 100mm of water over 24 hours — five times greater than the minimum for AS/NZS 2295. And water vapour transmission is .249 MN/s/g compared with the minimum standard of 7 MN/s/g or less. This means UNI diffuses moisture out of the building more efficiently than standard building wraps, creating a drier, more comfortable environment inside and a more effective cladding system.

Eliminates expensive delays caused by hold-ups on cladding or bad weather

Bad weather can strike at any time, even in summer. Fitting rigid barriers to protect framing is expensive, while conventional building wraps offer little protection from the elements.

Because UNI will hold a 100mm head of water over 24 hours, it effectively creates a rain-protected space inside, so construction can continue despite the weather. UV blockers are incorporated in the polypropylene before it is extruded and bonded, allowing UNI to be in place for up to 90 days (150 days for UNI PRO) without losing its integrity.

Easy installation plus all accessories

UNI Flexible Air Barriers are quick and easy to install. Training and installation guides are available from Masons, along with the required accessories. For more information, visit the Masons website or call 0800 522 533

Certifications: CodeMark for UNI and UNI PRO. UNI PLUS due in early 2022.

View more information on Masons, including contact details.
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