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Enviro AAC Multi-level Floor System: A Sound Solution

The Enviro AAC multi-level floor system is ideal for residential and light commercial buildings. Enviro gives a solid feel underfoot and has excellent noise reduction between floors.

Enviro 75mm thick Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels are extremely strong, each panel is reinforced through the centre with steel rods for added strength. Enviro Floor Panels have been designed to support a concentrated live load of 21.7 kN applied over a 0.3 x 0.3m area.

The panel only carries a fifth of the weight of that of concrete, therefore requiring minimal structural considerations and leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Enviro Floor Panels are generally laid in full panels in half stretcher bond. The panels can be readily cut to size to suit floor layout requirements and openings.

Enviro is fixed to the floor framing of the building using a galvanised bugle for timber framing or a dual grip hex head screw for steel framing. Installation of the panels is quick and can be done by on-site builders in any weather condition.

Enviro Floor Panels have the following material properties:

  • Dry density 525 kg/m³
  • Compressive strength 4.0 Mpa
  • Bending strength 1000N or above
  • Dry shrinkage value 0.3~0.5mm/m
  • Water absorption (by volume) Up to 24 – 35%
  • Thermal conductivity 0.12 w/mk
  • Sound transmission class (STC) 35 dB for 1000Hz
  • Fire resistance 2 hours

Masons Enviro AAC panels are also available in 50mm to be used as a wall substrate for plaster systems. The Enviro 75mm floor panels can also be specified as a fencing system.

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