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Marley Leads the Way for Construction Waste Reduction

In a monumental stride towards sustainability, Aliaxis New Zealand (comprising Marley, Dynex and RX Plastics), in partnership with WM NZ, and supported by a $4m grant from the Ministry for the Environment’s Plastics Innovation Fund, is investing $12.5 million in creating a circular loop for PVC and HDPE including new recycling facilities in both the North and South Island. This initiative aims to divert PVC and PE materials from landfill by sorting, washing, and granulating them for reuse in new products.

With a growing network of collection points across New Zealand, both small and large quantities of PVC and PE materials can now be efficiently recycled. The collection point locations are readily accessible on the Marley website, facilitating widespread participation in the recycling process.

In 2023 alone, Aliaxis New Zealand recycled a staggering 700,000kg of PVC and PE from external sources and included end-of-life products and off-cuts, as well as waste from other manufacturers. This commitment to recycling has huge impacts on product development, exemplified by Marley Drainflo and Marley OPTIM DWV systems.

Drainflo is utilised for subsoil drainage and incorporates up to 60% recycled content from external sources. This includes materials like recycled milk bottles and janitorial waste which showcases the versatility of recycled plastics in construction.

Similarly, Marley OPTIM DWV systems are crucial for building wastewater pipe systems and contain up to 30% recycled content. This blend includes both internal production waste and recycled materials sourced externally, contributing to a circular economy model.

To further support sustainable practices, Marley offers various digital tools such as a surface drainage calculator for precise channel capacity assessments.

BIM content is also available at for Akasison Siphonic Drainage, dBlue Acoustic plumbing system and the new Converge single stack PVC aerator. This content will certainly help to create the most efficient design for your plumbing or drainage system.

In addition, Marley has an in-house specialist design service for their Akasison Siphonic Drainage system to design a siphonic drainage system for your next commercial project. This optimises the pipe size and network, pipe location and any earthworks required.

Akasison has been a part of many successful commercial projects and is a system that reduces both the space required and the aesthetic impact of rainwater systems. From commercial giants like Costco to institutions such as Massey University Innovation Complex and the Christchurch Central Library, Marley's products are at the forefront of environmentally conscious construction.

Marley's dedication to sustainability extends beyond product innovation to project support. Partnerships with industry leaders like Naylor Love to collect and recycle their on-site PVC or HDPE off-cuts, exemplify Marley's commitment to fostering a greener future within New Zealand.

Aliaxis New Zealand's goal is to create a shift within the construction industry by championing sustainable practices and recycling initiatives. Through relentless innovation and strategic partnerships, Aliaxis New Zealand is reshaping the landscape of construction waste management in New Zealand.

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