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Louvretec Maximises Living Spaces in High Density Developments

Louvretec's clients are taking elements of the quarter acre dream, such as the open spaces and privacy this scenario provides, and are blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living by creating versatile outdoor spaces that become a subtle extension of living areas or an outdoor room that maximises their home.

Being able to open up the home to the beauty and freshness of the outdoors is so desirable and when this is done, privacy needs to be achieved. Installing a Louvretec Opening Roof is the first step in creating a functional outdoor room.

Often houses and apartments will have a deck area that is only usable during fine weather. A Louvretec Roof with the addition of either shutters, outdoor blinds or sliding glass doors instantly creates a functional outdoor space, letting the homeowner control the weather as they wish. The power is then in their control to create atmosphere or intimacy. Letting a summer breeze into a space doesn’t mean they have to feel the full force of the sun, simply select a setting for comfort.

New spaces add to a home, giving the occupants more room to relax and entertain or create flow and balance from the home to the outdoor area.

Louvretec roofs are adaptable to any building style, either as part of a bold new build or a subtle renovation integrated into something more traditional. They are custom built to any size and style. Louvretec roofs are bespoke in order to blend beautifully with different styles of homes.

Assisting with creating a Healthy Home, Louvretec Opening Roofs reduce the need for heating and cooling which account for some of the greatest proportions of energy consumed in households. Passive solar design is a cornerstone element of a sustainable house/building. Opening Roofs and Sun Louvres are all about making the most of the sun — fully protected in summer to as required in winter.

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October 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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