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Reducing Plastic Construction Material Waste

Construction waste is a major problem in New Zealand, but Kingspan Thermakraft are determined to be part of the solution. In the near future, they’ll expand the Thermakraft underlay product recycling programme to include a construction site waste take-back service.

In 2022, Kingspan Thermakraft diverted more than 29% of their manufacturing waste away from landfill, mostly by recycling synthetic underlays with similar materials. In 2023 this figure increased dramatically to more than 67%, as the recycling programme of synthetic underlays has advanced to include dissimilar materials.

Construction waste is a major environmental challenge in New Zealand, with the construction and demolition sector contributing up to 50%¹ of the country's total waste sent to landfill. To help address this colossal issue, Kingspan Thermakraft are planning to take their recycling programme a step further with a product take-back service from construction sites. The service will collect offcuts and part rolls of Thermakraft branded underlay from building sites and add them to the existing recycling programme. Customers will be advised as soon as the new take-back service is ready for roll out.

Through a proven recycling process, synthetic underlay scraps are shredded, remelted and transformed into regrind resin, which can be used for manufacturing various products, reducing the demand for virgin plastic. This initiative supports clients with strict waste management plans and contributes to a better circular economy.

The bigger picture: Kingspan’s Planet Passionate Programme

The product take-back service is part of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate programme, a 10-year global sustainability initiative aimed at tackling climate change, increasing circularity, and protecting the natural world. In New Zealand, Kingspan has set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, energy and water usage, and increase waste recycling to promote circular economy practices. Looking to the future, Kingspan Thermakraft aims to establish local partnerships for recycling underlay products.

When you choose the Kingspan Thermakraft range of building underlays, you are joining the good fight against climate change and helping Kingspan Thermakraft to divert waste away from the landfills. Contact [email protected] to find out more about the development progress of the building underlays take-back service or read more about Kingspan’s approach to sustainability, innovation and performance at us

¹ Minimising Waste, (2024)

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