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December 2012

KerMac Knows Colour

With such a large decision needing to be made, having an abundance of information at your disposal is critical. The ability to chose colours that complement each other is another important step in designing a bathroom.

On KerMac Industries 'new specifiers' resource, the company provides a wide range of critical information needed in design work. Along with these documents is a wide range of colour palettes from its extensive range of laminate product.

Each of KerMac’s products has a widely available colour selection, whether the product needed is toilet partitions, wall linings or wall ducting units. When it comes to choice and customisation, KerMac works with architects and specifiers to provide a quality product which the client wants.

For best results when choosing colours for bathroom fit-outs, KerMac recommends following these suggestions:


    • Determine which system is going to be used. Once decided, pick from the available colour samples.


    • Personal preference of the designer or the owner of the building will obviously come into play. These days we see a large variety of colours being used across the board.


    • Fashion in colour can be seen even in bathrooms. Recent trends have seen dual colours being used. For example, a partition may have one colour for doors and another to contrast on the other panels.


    • Metallic silvers and greys are very popular at this time. So are bright reds and blues.


    • Creating an atmosphere in the bathroom using colour can promote a mind-set to reflect the business usage and the building. Trendy multi-colour combinations in the partitioning can lift the vibe of the users, whereas using dark colours with glossy patinas can enrich the feeling of being in a wealthy or exclusive environment.


View more information on KerMac Industries, including contact details.
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