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Discover the Innovation and Versatility of JSC Timber's Interior Timber Solutions

In the world of architecture, timber has long been cherished for its natural beauty, warmth, and versatility. JSC Timber offers a wide range of interior timber panelling and ceiling solutions that bring the timeless charm of nature indoors while incorporating cutting-edge innovations.

Range of timber species options including thermally modified timber options

JSC offers a variety of timber species for panelling and sarking, including Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Iroko, Tasmanian Oak, and American White Oak. To meet the demand for sustainable and natural products, JSC has sourced a range of thermally modified species. This controlled heating and cooling process enhances the timber's properties, improving stability, reducing moisture absorption, and enhancing resistance to decay and insects. Architects can confidently incorporate these durable and eco-friendly materials into their projects.

Taking innovation further, JSC has recently introduced brushed thermally modified timber options. This process enhances the wood grain and texture, while preserving the structural integrity and long-term stability. By gently removing the softer summer growth rings without damage, the denser winter growth rings remain intact. The brushing process improves moisture shedding, minimises distortion, and provides a smooth finish that is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity for the timber panelling.

Diverse range of profiles

To complement exterior cladding and joinery, JSC offer a wide selection of dressed and bandsawn face profiles as well as a newly introduced brushed profile option for JSC's thermally modified products. These profile options provide architects with design flexibility, allowing them to create unique visual effects and textures whether it be sleek and modern or more rustic and traditional.

Environmental credentials and EPDs

At JSC, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of product development. JSC's interior timber panelling and ceilings are backed by strong environmental credentials. JSC source timber from responsibly managed forests and promote sustainable forestry practices. In line with their commitment to sustainability, JSC also offers Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the thermally modified product range. Architects can leverage EPDs to support their pursuit of zero-carbon or low-carbon designs and showcase their commitment to environmentally responsible building practices.

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