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Lunawood Thermo-D: Feature Grade Thermally Modified Timber Cladding

Increasing environmental awareness and demand for sustainable, natural, and chemical-free building products initiated JSC’s research into thermal timber treatment methods, recognising that Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) opens up a truly sustainable resource.

JSC TMT offers a selection of Thermally Modified Timbers that have been specifically sourced for the New Zealand market based on their versatility, durability, aesthetic properties and environmental credentials to suit New Zealand weather conditions. JSC has a selection of Thermally Modified Timbers available ranging from interesting feature grades to clearer grades that have minimal natural rustic characteristics.

The JSC TMT range is sourced from reliable and world-renowned suppliers that are leaders in the thermal modification process of timbers.

Lunawood Thermo-D

Lunawood Thermo-D is a beautiful feature grade thermally modified timber option that is sustainably sourced from Europe and profiled locally by JSC Timber into NZ-approved profiles.

The unique visual characteristics of the knots in Lunawood give the cladding a unique personality. Lunawood features are varied, ranging from larger, more oval-shaped butterfly knots to smaller and more scattered knots. Lunawood Thermo-D has a beautiful caramel brown tone which can be retained by protecting the surface with a tinted coating.

Key benefits: 

  • Enhanced durability and exceptional dimensional stability
  • Able to accept darker coatings with significant reduction in dimensional movement
  • Premium quality that is responsibly and carefully sourced
  • Low susceptibility to fungal decay
  • Consistent, aesthetically pleasing colour
  • Easily workable and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications such as exterior claddings, interior linings, battens and more depending on the species you choose

Suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications:

Exterior Cladding: Lunawood is a reliable choice for exterior cladding due to its improved dimensional stability, durability, and aesthetics. It provides a modern finish for a variety of applications. Lunawood weatherboards are available in a range of JSC TMT profiles. Lunawood is part of the JSC Cladding species offerings and covered under the JSC CodeMark certificates.

Interiors: Lunawood is highly suitable for interior wall linings and battens. In addition to Lunawood’s attractive appearance, the thermal modification of wood omits the risk of harmful emissions making Lunawood an ideal material for interiors.

Speak to the JSC Sales or Architectural team today to find out more about using Lunawood on your project. 

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