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Elevate Outdoor Spaces with JSC's Premium Hardwood Decking Solutions

When it comes to designing outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with nature, the choice of decking material plays a pivotal role. JSC introduces a diverse range of sustainably sourced exotic hardwoods, offering architects, specifiers, and builders a wide selection of design possibilities. We explore the unique benefits and applications of JSC's hardwood decking, showcasing how these materials can transform your projects into stunning, long-lasting masterpieces.

JSC's comprehensive selection of Class 1 and 2 durability exotic hardwoods paves the way for innovative architectural designs. Whether crafting residential havens, expansive commercial decks, or captivating high-traffic boardwalks, these versatile materials provide a perfect canvas for creativity.

Architects and designers can create a seamless and unified look by incorporating JSC's hardwoods beyond decking, extending to handrails, posts, beams, screening, battens, and pergolas. This comprehensive range allows for an unmatched visual continuity that ties every element of your project together.

JSC Species Recommendations:

At the heart of JSC's offerings are a stunning range of hardwood timber species, each with its own distinct character, colour, and grain pattern.

  • Garapa: FSC certified and sourced from sustainable South American forests, Garapa offers a cost-effective yet high-performing alternative to pricier hardwoods. Its light colour and fine grain excel in New Zealand's climate.
  • Vitex: This hardworking timber boasts a light colour that matures to a uniform grey with UV exposure. Proven in both residential and commercial applications, Vitex embodies durability and enduring beauty.
  • Purpleheart: Beyond being a durable decking choice, Purpleheart's smooth texture and unique colour change make it a standout for architectural accents like pergolas, posts, and beams.
  • Cumaru: Renowned for its exceptional density and resistance to fungi and insects, Cumaru is an excellent option for high-exposure projects, indoors or outdoors. Its beautiful grain and finish add a touch of elegance.
  • Iroko: With a track record of over 35 years in New Zealand's marine and joinery trades, Iroko's versatility shines. It's ideal for applications ranging from decking, to beams, fins, weatherboards, flooring and more, thanks to its resistance to rot and insects.
  • Kwila: Offering a yellow-brown to dark red-brown hue, Kwila's coarse texture and interlocked grain exude a natural lustre, making it an excellent choice for a variety of projects.
  • Spotted Gum: With its exceptional hardness and durability, Spotted Gum stands strong against decay and high traffic, making it perfect for decking, flooring, and more.

Common sizes available: 90 x 19mm; 115 x 19mm; 140 x 32mm; 140 x 42mm. JSC offer more species and custom sizes upon request.

Why choose hardwood decking:

The allure of JSC's hardwood decking goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. Embrace the benefits that set it apart:

  • Durability: Hardwood's natural strength withstands heavy traffic and weather, ensuring long-lasting decks.
  • Strong supplier relationships: JSC specialise in selecting and providing hardwoods meticulously tailored to specific applications. This ensures that every piece they supply is not just fit for purpose, but perfectly aligned with your project's requirements. JSC's unwavering dedication to reliability and trust is bolstered by their invaluable relationships with various key suppliers.
  • Longevity: With proper care, hardwood decks last decades, offering excellent value.
  • Natural beauty: Rich grain patterns and textures enhance outdoor aesthetics.
  • Variety: Choose from species such as Purpleheart, Vitex, Garapa, Cumaru, Spotted Gum, Kwila, Iroko, and more.
  • Resistant: Hardwoods' natural oils deter insects and decay, reducing the need for chemicals.
  • Age gracefully: Over time, hardwood decks develop an attractive silver-grey patina without structural compromise.
  • Environmentally friendly: All JSC decking options have been sustainably sourced.
  • Property value: Hardwood decks add curb appeal and value to homes.
  • Natural insulation: Hardwood's thermal resistance prevents excessive heat on the surface, unlike other decking alternatives.
  • Enhanced safety: In addition to any hardwood decking product, JSC also offer anti-slip protection options, designed to provide a simple yet effective means of achieving non-slip compliance and enhanced general safety. Manufactured specifically to provide durability and longevity, it can be used effectively in commercial, public works, and residential applications, across a wide scope of materials.

With JSC's hardwood decking range, your architectural visions can become reality. Experience the synergy of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, and collaborate with the JSC team to choose the perfect hardwood species for your next project.

Elevate outdoor spaces with JSC's hardwoods, where innovation meets nature's timeless elegance.

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