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Kohe Way Project Transformed with Brushed Thermally Modified Timber

In the heart of Pukekohe, the Kohe Way Residence emerges as an architectural masterpiece, seamlessly blending tranquility with modern design. This exceptional home, draped in a rich, dark palette complemented by natural browns from other timber elements, invites residents into a world of seamless indoor-outdoor living. Drawing inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, it stands as a testament to visionary design and meticulous craftsmanship.

The exterior cladding of this remarkable home showcases JSC's brushed thermally modified timber, TMT Taiga, in a vertical shiplap design, elevating both aesthetic appeal and durability. The choice of brushing, coupled with the application of JSC Scumble Nightfall, a dark timber stain renowned for its protective qualities, brings a layer of sophistication and visual interest to the design.

Customisability lies at the heart of this technique, offering architects and designers the ability to create unique visual effects with subtle variations of light and shade. The brushing process, carefully executed, provides options ranging from a light brushing that maintains surface uniformity to a heavier brushing that intensifies grain definition for added texture.

Beyond its aesthetic enhancements, brushing timber cladding significantly contributes to its maintenance and longevity. This method preserves the wood's structural integrity, removing softer summer growth rings without compromising the denser winter growth rings. The result is a cladding surface that retains its strength and stability over the long term. When combined with quality coatings like JSC Scumble and JSC Coda, this process further fortifies the cladding, offering extended intervals between maintenance coats. The inclusion of UV inhibitors and high-quality pigments in these coatings ensures durability against environmental elements.

Moreover, the brushing process is an environmentally conscious choice, devoid of harmful emissions. Paired with the natural, non-toxic attributes of thermally modified timber and the low VOC content of JSC Scumble, this project stands as a testament to sustainable building practices.

In every facet, the Kohe Way Residence reflects a commitment to excellence in design and environmental stewardship. 

Architect: Hurley Architects
Builder: Precision Builders Ltd
Imagery: Craig Butland Photography

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