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Introducing MAXRaft Thermally Broken Slabs

MAXRaft slabs combine strength with durability.  The slab encases the perimeter and puts a continuous layer of MAXRaft between the ground and concrete, unlike traditional waffle slabs.  This insulation has a dramatic effect on the surface temperature, significantly increasing the comfort of the home and the health of the family, all the while lowering the cost of heating.

In the past NZers have concentrated on insulating ceilings and walls, however up to a third of a building’s heat can be lost through an uninsulated floor.  Up to 80% of heat loss can be through the external edges of the foundation.  It has been proven in many countries that a completely insulated foundation offers the best form of heat retention. 

Iso-thermal analysis conducted in line with ISO 10211 comparing MAXRaft to a traditional waffle slab showed MAXRaft is significantly warmer, providing comfortable warmth even in the middle of a South Island winter -0°C climates.

MAXRaft has solutions for most types of ground (incl TC1/2), residential (single storey, multi-level or simply an extension) and commercial build, while providing insulation with an R value of R2.5-R3 depending on the site.  Installation is quick, practical and efficient with site-specific insulated slabs delivered to site in pre-cut segments.

Based in Queenstown, with representatives in Auckland and Christchurch, MAXRaft is a passionate team dedicated to providing properly insulated homes for its customers.

Request more information about MAXRaft's insulation performance. 

View more information on MAXRaft, including contact details.
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