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Hot Water Heat Pumps Provide Reliable Underfloor Solution for Karaka Home

Underfloor heating has become an increasingly popular choice since arriving here forty odd years ago. New home owners are requesting home heating that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and with low operating costs.

The Challenges

When Total Build Ltd sought heating solutions for their latest new build, they required a system that was extremely energy efficient, low maintenance, with low running costs and was virtually invisible. The homeowners of this Karaka home wanted an option that would work well with the photovoltaic system they planned to install, to generate their own electricity.

Tony Champion, the director and owner of Champion Heating Ltd believes, "When choosing an air to water heat pump, the longevity and after-sales service availability are some of the most important, often overlooked considerations." Tony has found many imported brands of heat pump can have a short lifespan, parts that are expensive or have been discontinued and a lack of serviceability. These shortfalls leave the homeowner with no comeback.

Champion Heating Ltd

Champion Heating Ltd have been designing and installing heating systems for over 25 years. Experience has taught them how to ensure people get the best solution for their home, so for the last eight years Tony has used Performance Plus or Duoheat brand equipment from Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

NZ company Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd has been making heat pumps and providing parts and service for their own and other brands of heat pumps for over 30 years. Tony saves both headaches and money by using Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd due to their reliability, but more importantly they provide the homeowner with peace of mind.

The equipment is built here to handle New Zealand conditions, even in climates as cold as those in Queenstown or Wanaka. Compared to other underfloor heat source options such as electric elements, gas or diesel boilers, a Performance Plus underfloor heat pump has the most cost-competitive running costs and is more environmentally friendly.

The Result

Champion Heating provided an underfloor solution for the Karaka home, powered by a Performance Plus air to water heat pump that fitted the bill perfectly. With a ground floor area of approximately 100m², the 7GUb5-1 Performance Plus heat pump used to heat the underfloor consumes about 1.5kW to produce 5kW of heat. Solar electricity generated for domestic use and to power the heat pump reduces the cost of electricity further.

The end result is that the homeowners are happy. Total Build Ltd was so encouraged by the results they have constructed more houses using the same heating solution.

It's easy to see why Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd is the preferred choice of professional, experienced underfloor installers like Champion Heating.

Builder: Total Build Ltd
Underfloor Installation: Champion Heating Ltd
Underfloor Heating: Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd
Equipment: Performance Plus heat pump model 7GUb5-1

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