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September 2012

Rheem Heat Store the Next Stage for Commercial Solar Power

Rheem Heat Store employs drain-back technology. When heating is not required, the fluid in the collector automatically drains back to the storage vessel.

This control strategy provides many benefits. Highly efficient Rheem BT collectors can be used without the undesirable effects of boiling collector fluid on hot summer days. All of the energy captured is transferred to the storage vessel, further increasing system efficiency, and the system provides inherent frost protection of the solar collectors. The closed circuit protects the solar collectors from the effects of harsh water conditions.

Note: to enable correct drain-back function the base of the solar collectors must be located at least 1 m above the top of the storage vessel and the maximum height from the base of the storage vessel to the top of the collectors must not exceed 40 m.

BT Collector

The BT collector is Rheem’s premium solar collector, designed to generate maximum solar performance in all climatic conditions. The collector comprises 13 riser tubes laser welded to a copper absorber panel to maximise heat transfer. The absorber is coated with a sputtered selective surface which enhances absorption and minimises emission. Glass wool insulation further enhances heat retention.

The collector is mounted in an aluminium tray for superior weather protection and tempered glass improves transmission efficiency.


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