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June 2011

Graphex Masonry Overlay Project Profile: The Power Family Home, Whakatane

After investigating and rejecting a number of other options, Mr Power, in conjunction with local installer Davey Painters, decided on Graphex overlay masonry insulation system for his home.

Graphex is a graphite-infused composite construction panel that has been specially designed for super-insulating and cladding home exteriors. Davey Painters’ team affixed Graphex  ribbed panelling with a thickness of 60 millimetres directly to the concrete blockwork with glue and darts and finished it with a 15 to 19 millimetre plaster render.

Davey Painters owner and manager Dennis Davey was impressed by the product’s superior insulation properties.

“There was nothing else on the market with as good an R–value as Graphex  -  it is around 30 per cent higher than other similar products, making it extremely energy efficient and therefore cost effective.”

Mr Davey says Graphex more than met his client’s specifications.

“There was certainly an element of overkill –  the 60 millimetre panelling provides an R-value of up to 2.9, much higher than generally sought in the Bay of Plenty.

“Robert commented that his house is very warm and that he hasn’t yet had to use his state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning system”.

Graphex construction panels are manufactured and distributed by Plaster Systems Limited, using technology originally developed in Germany. Lightweight yet robust, they are made of graphite beads rather than polystyrene which has historically been used for exterior cladding.

Increased awareness of sustainability issues has resulted in the setting of higher thermal and environmental performance standards for insulation in new and existing residential buildings.

Matt Ellery of Plaster Systems Limited says that graphite has the advantage over polystyrene of being not only more durable, but also more environmentally friendly and providing significantly more insulation.

“Graphex is fully recyclable, uses 50 per cent less raw materials than polystyrene and has been through a less energy intensive manufacturing process, meaning lower CO2 emissions.

“A piece of Graphex of say, 40 millimetres, would provide 36 per cent more insulation than a piece of polystyrene of the same thickness.”

The product’s innovation lies chiefly in its unique combination of infrared absorbers and reflectors which significantly reduce thermal conductivity, providing a level of insulation that is up to 20 per cent higher than conventional construction panels. They eliminate wide temperature fluctuations and heat loss through exterior walls, thereby minimising the risk of drafts, condensation and mould growth.

In addition to the cost savings to be gained through energy efficiency, Graphex also proved cost effective in terms of the construction of Mr Power’s home, says Mr Ellery.

“Graphex was not just the best solution for this project, it was also the most simple one - putting up the overlay system eliminated the need for, obviously, Pink Batts or similar, but also gibbing and interior strapping”.

The Graphex masonry overlay system is now BRANZ appraised. No 706 (2010)

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