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Muuro Interior Linings by Forté

Crafted in Spain from the highest quality European Oak and American Walnut, Muuro embodies sophistication and practicality, offering a range of 10mm thick engineered timber wall and ceiling linings for a refined architectural aesthetic.

What sets Muuro apart?

Seamless architectural finish

Muuro stands out with its 2.7 meter long planks, designed for seamless installation on standard wall heights. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic of any room but also minimises visible joints, creating a sleek and uninterrupted look. Available in a clear grade, Muuro ensures a clean and knot-free surface, making it a cost-effective choice for achieving a pristine architectural finish.

Versatile design options

With a wide spectrum of colour tones that complement various interior styles, Muuro offers versatility to suit any project. Whether it’s to pair with our existing timber flooring products or to make a bold design statement, Muuro provides the perfect palette to enhance your space with warmth and character.

Durable and practical

Muuro is built to last and features a durable finish that is dent, scratch and stain-resistant, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance over time. Its moisture-resistant HDF core not only prevents warping and cupping but also enhances impact resistance, making Muuro not only ideal for residential builds but high-traffic areas and other commercial spaces too.

Effortless installation

Designed for ease of installation, Muuro is lightweight and features a Locking Unifit X joint profile on both sides and ends. This allows for straightforward installation directly onto framing, eliminating the need for additional materials like plasterboard, thereby reducing both time and cost associated with installation.

Sustainable and cost-effective

As a sustainable alternative to solid timber linings, Muuro utilises only a fraction of the amount of natural timber resources, making it environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. Its pre-stained and finished surfaces ensure colour consistency and ensure what you see is what is installed, eliminating any surprises during or post-installation.

Whether you require a sleek and modern interior linings product for a residential build or are designing a commercial project that demands durable, cost-effective wall and ceiling solutions, Muuro stands out as the ideal choice.

For further details or to request free samples, visit the Muuro Interior Linings page on the Forté website or get in touch with Forté's Specification Consultants for assistance.  

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