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May 2010

Environmentally-Friendly Pigment in Resene EarthSense Ceiling Paint

The special pigment provides at least 20% by volume of renewable raw materials in the final paint film, and 65% in the wet paint with the inclusion of water.

The pails are made from 100% post industrial, recycled HDPE injection material, giving the pail a unique look and colour variation, as much of the material being reused has been previously printed and coloured.

It is the first commercial paint pail in New Zealand that utilises the original material of the pail, as well as waste material from other plastics manufacture. The waste plastic is reprocessed offsite before being returned to VIP packaging to be made into new pails.

Over the coming months the technology is planned to be enhanced so that this process will encompass post consumer HDPE injection material. It is envisaged that pails manufactured from this material should be available to the market within the next 1–2 years.

Paul Gedye, the General Manager of VIP Packaging, is "extremely excited about this move by Resene to adopt recycled packaging, as both businesses recognise the importance of sustainable solutions for the countrys future packaging needs." He applauds Resene for their initiatives in this market and thanks Resene for working with VIP Packaging to bring the recycle pail concept to fruition.

"We are delighted to take another step forward bringing new renewable technology and more sustainable packaging to the paint market," says Resene Managing Director Nick Nightingale.

"And we're working to offer even more renewable technologies in the future. The opportunity to launch our new Resene EarthSense Ceiling Paint in the new recycled pails perfectly matches the aim of the product inside the pail with the pail itself. And while the recycled pails cost more to manufacture than those made from virgin materials, we’re sure the environment will appreciate the difference."

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