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Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Gas Heating

Research by BRANZ discovered that by using gas and LPG in homes, New Zealand’s household electricity demand would be halved. Current excessive reliance on electric heating is causing a huge strain on New Zealand's electricity system.

Selecting the right make and model of heating can have a big impact on the environment, as will selecting either gas or electric heating. 

Gas products have a small impact on the environment, as they produce fewer emissions than electrical appliances, and have lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, gas is the cleanest burning, lowest emissions fossil fuel. Gas heating systems are also very efficient, converting the majority of energy consumed into heat.

Escea Fireplaces offers a wide range of efficient gas heating solutions. For example, the Escea DL1100 fireplace is a perfect balance of high performance and super efficiency, with a 5 ENERGY STAR rating and 10.4kW heat output. In addition, the Escea DX Series fireplaces are highly efficient fireplaces.

Running on gas means freedom from the reliance on electricity, a lower impact on the electricity bill, and in the event of a power cut, a home that is still heated. The Escea ST900 gas fireplace comes with a back-up battery pack, so users won’t go without heat. It also uses a third less gas than equivalent sized open-fronted gas fireplaces. For users living in a region with cold winters, this provides reassurance that homes will still be heated.

For people that love the character of a fire and the visual impact of a flame, gas heating provides this and more.

Visit the Escea blog for further information or for architectural advice concerning an Escea fireplace, please contact the Escea Architectural Advisory Team for free consultations: +64 3 478 8237 or [email protected].


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'Heating with Gas vs Heating with Electricity'.

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