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Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Provides First Class Service for a First Class Airport

Wellington International Airport is the country’s third busiest airport, handling over six million passengers flying to over 20+ Destinations.
In recent years the airport has invested in expanding the facilities to cope with increased passenger numbers.

A sustainable transformation

The airport had previously used warm hand dryers and paper towels in their bathrooms but were motivated to change this hand drying method for a more environmentally sustainable alternative. In addition, they wanted a solution that would minimise the slip hazard that can result from water on the floor.

“Previously we had warm hand dryers and paper towels," explains Simon Hart, Wellington Airport Facilities Manager. "Warm hand dryers put water on the floors presenting as a safety issue and use a lot of energy, and paper towels generate a lot of waste, so we have moved away from that as we try to become more sustainable."

The Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry provided the perfect solution for the problems they were having with water on the floor and constant restocking of paper towels.

“Wellington Airport themselves are innovative and forward looking so they wanted to create this great experience for their customers,” Project Architect, Katherine Skipper explains. “The main benefits of the Dyson Wash+Dry would be that it creates this one seamless experience in the bathroom so you’re at the basin and you can wash and dry your hands in one place. It’s hygienic.” 

With the volume of travellers going through the airport daily, there is also less cleaning required with the new system.

A world-class airport

The new solution fits perfectly into the world-class airport environment. "The Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry is a very premium looking product," says Simon. "It has a very modern, sleek design in keeping with the rest of the airport."

Improved user experience and less maintenance

Using Dyson Wash+ Dry products has significantly improved the experience of the travellers through the airport, reduced water on the floor and eliminated paper towel mess.

Contact Dyson for more information or to arrange a demonstration NZ on 0800 397 667 or [email protected].

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